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Alberta, Canada

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Eileen Noel, Registered Psychologist

I am a registered psychologist in Alberta. I have completed an M.Ed. in Counselling Psychology as well as two years of graduate level training in applied clinical psychology, both from Memorial University of Newfoundland. I completed an internship in counselling at the Sexual Assault Center of Edmonton during my graduate training and worked for two years as a counsellor with survivors of sexual violence. I also obtained Cybercounselling Level I Certification from the University of Toronto in 2014.

I have 10 years of recent experience providing psychological assessment and therapy to adults, children, and families in a variety of settings (e.g. public mental health clinics, non-profit clinics, schools, hospital inpatient services, correctional services). In my role as Aboriginal Liaison Mental Health Therapist with Alberta Health Services, I worked with first nations communities and agencies to provide and promote access to culturally sensitive counselling services for indigenous people. In addition to these 10 years of recent experience, I have worked in other roles in the field of psychology, human services, and education (e.g. teacher, educational therapist, guidance counsellor, research assistant, administrator, group home coordinator, group home consultant).

My experience in a variety of settings and roles in psychology and human services has helped me develop an awareness of the expectations and challenges that all people face as they navigate varied environments, in different roles, and in different stages of their lives. The renowned Carl Rogers, founder of client-centered therapy, said: "Life at it's best is a changing, flowing, process." It is through successfully meeting these inevitable changes and challenges that we experience personal growth and develop capacity to live our best lives. My goal as a therapist is to use my therapeutic skills to help you do just that, in a way that is fitting for your unique life experience and preferred life.

My approach to counselling is built upon a collaborative therapeutic relationship in which the client's feedback and input is valued. I will work with you to clarify your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and personal values that relate to the issues/concerns that bring you to counselling. To achieve the goals of therapy, I will draw upon your personal strengths and strategies as well as evidence-based tools and techniques from humanistic, cognitive-behavioural, narrative, feminist, mindfulness-based therapies, attachment-based therapies, and positive psychology.

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